Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am preparing for a series we are calling Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives. We will take a look at different individuals in scripture who God used in extraordinary ways to do extraordinary things for Him. 

While I was in Jacksonville last week my family and I went to see the Pixar movie, UP. It was a great movie and I highly recommend it even if you don't have kids.  I don't want to steal anything from the movie but there is this one part that really struck me. You see the main character in the movie has grown old, lost his wife and in his mind has failed to succeed in the great adventure of his and her life. He is consumed with the fact that he and his wife never accomplished their life's dream.

As the movie goes on he discovers that the things he most values and the things that he thinks are keeping his dream of adventure alive, are actually the things that are keeping the adventure from happening. Only when he is willing to let go of those things does he experience the life he dreamed of.

How many of us are missing out on the adventure of a life time because we can't let go? How many times do I miss out on opportunities to experience that "life abundantly" that Jesus offers because I can't let go of what I perceive to be the things that are going to give it to me?

Jesus said "Do not store up treasures on earth... But store up for yourself treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 

Lord help me to let go of that which I treasure. Help me to give up to you everything that I am and all I hope to be, knowing that in your hands I can experience the adventure and life I dream of. 

Go see the movie!

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