Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives

At my church, BridgePoint, we are doing a summer series called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives. We are looking at individuals in the Bible who while they were quite ordinary God used them in extraordinary ways. It's a fun series but also comforting because I have spent most of my life fighting the "ordinaries" 

As I continue this journey of pastoring a church and spending a lot of my time preparing weekly messages I am amazed at how God confirms and colors each weeks message by the things I see and the experiences I have each week. Tonight is another one of those.

I am watching the All Star Game on TV. There is nothing like the mid-summer classic. I really do love baseball. During the opening ceremonies they of course honored the ballplayers who were voted into the game. By the way this years group is great. But, in addition they honored ordinary people who have gone above and beyond. Ordinary people who have tackled problems, issues and needs in their communities. Ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things right in the middle of their everyday lives.

This Sunday I am sharing a message about an ordinary man who while going about his daily tasks allowed God to use him. He didn't do anything spectacular or that would even be noticed. He just allowed God to use him how he was and where he was. All he was doing was carrying water. But in the act of carrying that water God used him to pave the way and prepare the world for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

I think that is what God is looking for. Not people with extreme talents or abilities. Not people who can hit a baseball 400 feet or throw a 95 mile per hour fastball. Not people who can speak eloquently or who can sing. Not people who have tremendous amounts of money, power or influence. Those are all good and if you have those abilities you must recognize who gave them to you and give them back to Him. But what I think God searches for are those of us who are willing to give our everyday, walking around, ordinary lives to Him and let Him do whatever he wants with them. Knowing that what He wants is to make our lives extraordinary.

That has certainly been true in my life. I thank God everyday for how he takes ordinary me and allows me to partner with Him. That's extraordinary! I'm glad I get to be a member of the Order of Water Jar Carriers. Will you join me? Will you allow God to take you right were you are and do something extraordinary with your life? 

Whatever It Takes!

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