Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love FB!

I love Facebook! It's so cool to catch up with people from the past and find old friends. The best part is discovering what people are doing with their lives. In recent days I have seen where friends are doing ministry all over the world, planting new churches, adopting children, developing leaders and making an impact for the kingdom. It's awesome! God is using so many of my friends to do so many great things. 

I love Twitter! With it I get to see what is happening and how God is using them right now. I just got a tweet from someone who is preparing a sermon for Sunday, another who is on her way to be a counselor at camp, one who is working with Student Life all summer and another who is gathering with a group of kids for a night of fun and fellowship. Again, it's awesome!

I am so thankful that God has used me in a small way in many of their lives but I am more grateful for how they continue to impact my life. Each Facebook posting and each tweet is like fuel in the tank. They encourage me and give me energy for each new day and task. 

God is in the multiplication business. He uses us to multiply His kingdom. That's why we are here. Each post each tweet is an opportunity to continue that process of multiplying and growing the Kingdom of God. We have so many tools available to us today. Never take for granted the opportunity God is giving each one of us. So post, post, post and tweet, tweet, tweet and let God use who you are and what you are doing for His glory! 

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