Thursday, June 3, 2010

24 Hour Trip

I am heading out this afternoon to the Dominican Republic. Many of you know that BridgePoint established a relationship with Project Child and their orphanage, Casa de Luz, in 2008. Last year we took a team down to do construction, outreaches in to the Hatian batay's and more. Since our trip we have continued to support Casa de Luz and are currently in a campaign to raise $25,000 to put a roof on the second floor of the facility. (learn how you can get involved here)

In recent months with the economy and a lot of money being diverted to Haiti earthquake relief, the available moneys to continue to operate the orphanage have decreased by 50%. As a result there is a substantial amount of unrest in the Dominican employees and a movement to bring the DR government in with the thought that they could help sustain the work there. If that were to happen it would have the opposite effect. You see, many of the children were quite frankly, rescued from government facilities in the first place. The care would be sub par and many of the ministry opportunities would cease to exist.

Frank Valaderes and I are flying out this afternoon in an emergency effort to squelch this movement and to access the needs. We will be meeting with officials, Casa de Luz employees as well as potential ministry partners on the ground in the DR. It will be a quick trip, less that 24 hours. I am asking all of you to pray for positive results, healing for the relationships with the DR employees, meetings with potential partners and most of all for the children of Casa de Luz and their continued care.

I would also ask you to consider making a donation to Casa de Luz. You can do so by sending a check to us at BridgePoint Church and indicating it is for Casa de Luz. To make it easy you can go to our web site and make a donation online. 100% of those donations will go to meet immediate needs at Casa de Luz. If we can increase the available funds many of the fears that are prompting the unrest and government intervention will go away.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your help. Pray for Frank & I as we go. We will return on Friday afternoon and I will post an update then.

Whatever It Takes!

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