Sunday, August 16, 2009

She got it!

I just finished sharing a message on Mary of Bethany at BridgePoint Church. We are doing a series called Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives. Today's ordinary person often called the other Mary, has really captured my thoughts. She is such an amazing women. What makes her so is the fact that she got it. She got what Jesus was all about and as a result she responded accordingly.

You see I think the vast majority of us who call ourselves "Christ followers," while we claim to get it, don't, and as a result we spend the majority of our time and energy responding in the wrong way. You see in the 3 recordings of Mary's relationship with Jesus (Luke 10, John 11 & John 12) we find her in the same place, at his feet. She knew who Jesus was and positioned herself in the most appropriate place to respond to him. She was at his feet worshiping.

How many times do I, while claiming to get it, spend my time in less important places, positions and practicing, while good, less important things. Today I am grateful for the picture of Mary of Bethany. She is an ordinary woman who has an extraordinary understanding of what is most important. My prayer is that I and you will spend our time like she spent her time, at his feet.


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