Monday, March 21, 2011

My Desire

The other day I had the privilege of doing a memorial service for an incredible women. Her name was Betty Williams. She lived to be 94 years old. Her life was an incredible testimony of service, perseverance and faith. One of the things I discovered in talking with her family was that she was a poet. I got the opportunity to read some of her work and the one below stood out.

My Desire
Betty Williams

I do not long for wealth or fame;
I'm sure in history books my name
Will never rank with peer or sire.
For praise of man I don't aspire.

I do not long to know that I
Shall dwell in comfort till I die;
Nor ask that God shall grant me peace,
Nor from all troubles give release.

But this I pray, that I might be
A friend to all who turn to me;
that I might words of comfort speak
To weary ones who respite seek

From burdens oft too great to bear,
Because the world seems not to care.
To those who know not friendship sweet,
I pray that God will guide my feet.

A helping had to them I'd lend,
And pray that God through me might send
A gleam of hope from Heaven above,
A glimpse of God's eternal love.

This past Sunday I shared a message from our Losing My Religion series called, "Why Care?" In it I admitted that I sometimes struggle with caring. To say I don't have the gift of mercy would be an understatement. As I look at lives like Mrs. Betty's I am reminded that one of the greatest things we can leave is to be remembered as someone who truly cared. Thank you Mrs. Betty for reminding me what is important and I pray that as He did you, God would "guide my feet" to people who need a touch. I pray that I might be half as good at loving, touching and caring for those people God puts in my path as you were.

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