Monday, July 19, 2010

11 Words

Families are one of our greatest assets. In Genesis 2 God created family and gave us a great gift. But, as we see from the story of Adam and Eve this masterpiece of God's creation soon faced the same problems we face today. Every family in all of history has faced, is facing and will face storms.

The family is in need of a makeover, a remodeling. But, as with any remodel we need to remember:

1 - It takes longer than you planned
2 - It cost more than you figured
3 - It's messier than you anticipated
4 - It requires great determination
5 - It takes more patience than you often have

Family is not easy but strengthening the family and beginning the remodeling process is simpler than we think. If fact, it begins and hinges on just 11 words.

Look what it says in Psalm 127:

"Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain."

The Lord is the master builder. Remember, He is the creator and designer of family. I don't know much about building but one thing I do know is that you don't bring the builder and the designer into the process at the end. He is consulted from the beginning.

One of the reasons many of us have crooked, lopsided and dysfunctional families is that we brought the Builder in at the end. We tried to construct and put together ourselves and our families on our own. We don't know a 2 by 4 from a 6 by 4 and we tried to build our own house and then we asked the Lord to bless our mess. We need to bring Him in at the beginning. God wants to be the builder, building your life, your relationships and your family from the very start.

Whether you are contemplating a family, beginning one or in need of a family makeover there is one plan and one Planner. If you let the Lord take control from the beginning or release control and let him take over, He will establish your family according to His will and purpose. He will build your family according to His blueprints. However remember, He will not violate your will. God will give you what you need but you have to release him to do His work.

As I stated earlier as with any remodel it takes work, effort, time and determination. My prayer is that you and I will stop our DIY family projects and turn them and ourselves over to the expert. You will be shocked, amazed and pleased at the before and after.

Whatever It Takes!

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